Ginger, Carrot and Lemon Juice Recipe

August 9, 2015 3:26 pm

I thought I would share the recipe for a lovely cleansing juice that is perfect for healing colds and flu.

I’ve currently got a cold virus, so along with lots of rest, I am supporting my body with plenty of fluids and lemon water. This afternoon I decided to give it some extra love, by making this cleansing juice.

This recipe contains so many things perfect for healing a cold or flu. Lemons cleanse and alkalise and are full of vitamin C.  Ginger is a powerful antiviral and also has anti inflammatory properties which help boost up the immune system. Carrots contain an abundance of vitamins, especially vitamin A and beta carotene, along with antioxidants which are essential for a healthy body and well functioning immune system. Cucumber and apple add that extra cleansing boost to this refreshing juice.

juice grass

Ginger, Carrot and Lemon Juice

Two medium sized Carrots

Half a cucumber

A large chunk of Fresh Ginger

One Apple

Juice of Half a Lemon



Wash and chop your ingredients

Put your fruit and veg through the juicer one at a time (little tip ~ I often juice the cucumber last to help push the remains of the other ingredients through)

Pour into a pretty glass


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