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April 21, 2015 7:05 pm

Writing has been such a natural part of my life for as long as I can remember.

As a child I remember loving watching adults write.  Admiring the way letters on the page flowed effortlessly from one to the next, forming words.  Wondering enviously when I would be able to do joined-up writing myself.  I loved getting a piece of paper and pretending I could write in that swirly way that adults could…..sheets of paper all over my bedroom full of incomprehensible squiggles.

Then through my adult life, I have often turned to writing to help me through things.  Page after page.  Putting things down on paper has been a saviour to me in many ways, and a huge part of my healing journey so far.

So when I had the idea of starting a blog, I presumed the posts would come easily.  I’m so full of ideas, and there is so much I want to share, I thought I would just set up the site one day, and off I’d go!

This has NOT been the case at all!

I’ve faffed over things.  Wondered where to start.  Wondered how on earth I can get all my ideas and inspirations down into a lovely series of blog posts that have some sort of continuity to them.

I’ve pondered what it is that you may want to read about? What is interesting to people? What isn’t? (Please feel free to comment below in response!)

I managed to stick to my birthday deadline, and got something up and running online as I had promised myself.  I was determined not to let another year pass without doing this.  But ever since, I’ve been thinking ‘argh – what do I post next’

As with all things that challenge us, it’s brought to light how my perfectionist ‘type A’ personality is still lurking under the surface, despite the self development I’ve done over the years.

So, I have decided to just go with it.  It’s the only way.  Otherwise, this space will just have three lonely posts until the end of time, and that’s not going to be much use to anyone.

Some posts will be a little all over the place.  Some will hop from one to the next with no continuity.  But that’s ok.

Maybe that’s how all blogs begin? Who knows. I’m brand new to all this.  All I know is, this little space will take shape naturally….however it needs to…as messy as it may be to start with.

After all, outside our comfort zone is where the magic happens




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