A Holistic Toolkit for when you need some Extra Healing Support

June 22, 2016 3:48 pm

Seeing my healing remedies lined up in my kitchen earlier this morning as I was making my Fresh Lemon and Ginger tea inspired me to write this post.

This week I am supporting my body in healing a cold virus and the starts of Bronchitis. I wanted to share some of the things that I do when I find myself in the ‘sick on sick’ situation in the hope that it will help some of you when you next find yourself unwell with a cold/flu/the latest virus that might be doing its rounds.

(‘Sick on Sick’ is a term Alex Howard from the Optimum Health Clinic always used to use when we spoke about being sick on top of already being sick. So imagine already having a Chronic Illness and then getting a ‘normal’ illness on top of that. That’s sick on sick. I know, yukky right?)



Your Healing Toolkit


1. Hot water with Fresh Ginger and Lemon


Dont underestimate the healing power of this ancient remedy. Hot water with Fresh Lemon and Ginger is SO healing.

Lemon is a great liver detoxifier (your liver is the organ responsible for cleansing your body and plays a huge part in clearing toxins when you are unwell). It is also full of vitamin C and is antibacterial so helps your body when its fighting infections. Ginger has powerful antinflammatory properties and gingerol, the active substance in fresh ginger, can help with infections. Mixing both together with hot water and drinking it regularly throughout the day when you are fighting a cold, virus or infection helps support your body as it heals.

(To make hot water with lemon and ginger, squeeze the juice of half a lemon into a mug. Grate a chunk of fresh ginger into the mug. Add one inch of cold water and top up with hot water.)


2. Manuka Honey


Honestly, I cannot praise Manuka Honey enough. Know how some of these health things are just a bit of a fad? In my experience, Manuka Honey really isn’t.  I am never without Manuka Honey in my cupboards. A friend of mine recommended I try it a few years ago and I was hesitant because of the price and because, well, I wondered what honey could actually do?! But its amazing. It has so many healing properties and is a well known anti bacterial, anti fungal, anti viral agent (all the antis!)

It has helped me personally with a lot with external things. For example, when applied to to starts of a coldsore, it healed in a matter of a couple of days, where as in the days before Manuka Honey a coldsore would end up creating a huge lump and swelling in my lip and a trip to the doctors surgery. Visually seeing the healing effects of Manuka honey in this way, gives me so much faith in what it can do internally.

I take a spoon of Manuka Honey each day, but take more when I am fighting a virus or cold.

(If you decide to get some Manuka Honey, make sure you get one with a certified UMF rating. One of 10+ or higher is best.)

3. Salvia (Sage)


Sage has one of the longest histories of use as a medicinal herb. It has been used effectively to treat infections for many centuries and is also an antimicrobial so is good at helping clear yeast infections such as Candidiasis. Taking Sage when fighting an infection is a really supportive things you can do to help your body heal naturally. I take it in Tincture form and am lucky enough to have an amazing herbalist who supplies me with this, but you can find Sage at your local health food store.


4. Blankets and Candles

candle bedside

I know thats a bit of a funny title, but its an important one! Keep yourself cosy and your environment lovely. Now is the absolute time for self care and being extra kind to yourself. A soft blanket wrapped round you and a lovely candle lit next to you can work wonders for your sense of wellbeing whilst you rest and heal.


5. Essential Oils

lemon and tea tree oils

I am a huge fan of aromatherapy oils and love to have my oil diffuser burning each day to keep my home smelling and feeling beautiful. When healing from a cold or virus, the essential oil mix I love most is Lemon and Tea Tree.

Adding a few drops of each to an oil burner will make your room smell lovely, and aid your healing in a gentle way. If you feel bunged up and heady, the Tea Tree and Lemon mix is a fabulous decongestant and the anti bacterial agents keep your environment cleansed and help to stop the spread of germs.


6. Avoid Complex Foods and Smoothies

When you are unwell is may be tempting to have a load of juices and smoothies with the idea that these will help you fight infection. The thing to bear in mind here, is if you are already chronically ill, it is likely your detox systems are impaired. Flooding your body with green juices and smoothies when you have an bacterial or viral illness may not always be the best path to take, as it can encourage the body to release even more toxins and create a bit of an overload situation. Wholesome soups and simple foods are best when you are fighting a virus or a cold. Chicken soup is a favourite of mine when healing from a cold (even better if you can use bone broth as the base for your soup).



5. Sleep, Sleep and more Sleep.

Let yourself sleep and have deep rest you need to aid your healing. Remember, when you sleep, is when your body heals. Listen to your body and remember – Chronic illness requires extra rest and sleep, so sick on sick requires EXTRA extra rest and sleep. Allow it!


…And finally…..make sure you keep a balanced perspective.

This is something I have to remind myself to do regularly when I am struck down with a virus. It is easy to convince yourself that you always feel this dreadful and you have plunged into the depths of a major relapse. Try and stay present and remind yourself, that this too shall pass. Give thanks to your body for doing its best to heal and support it as it does so. You and your body are a team remember!


With Love

Emma x




Disclaimer – I am not a medical professional, any advice here is given from my own personal experience and learnings. Please seek medical advice if you are unsure of any health related issues. 

*** All photos my own ***



  • Mother says:

    What wise and inviting advice, Emma. As you know I have promptly taken anti biotics for the same virus, may be if I’d taken your natural route sooner I would not have needed them.
    Your home is a little sanctuary for healing, we all feel better just for visiting 🙂
    Get well soon sweetheart.

  • Emma ~ Consciously Healthy says:

    Ahh thank you lovely Mum. The natural remedies are still working! I have surprised even myself this time with how powerful they are, especially when used collectively. So glad I didn’t rush to take antibiotics. Love you x

  • Susan says:

    Hello beautiful .. By looks and by nature! Wise words and so kindly said. I shall take note of all of them. What kind of diffuser do you use Emma and which brand of aromatherapy oils do you use Emma? Thank you for this blog, love Susan xxx

  • Emma - Consciously Healthy says:

    Hi lovely Susan!

    I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I just use a normal oil burner (so a candle holder with a water bowl on the top – hard to describe but I think you’ll know what I mean!) and the brand of essential oils I use is called ‘natures way aromatherapy’. You may be able to order them online? I actually by them from a wholesaler as I still have my little pass into the store from when I worked as a complementary therapist 🙂 But in my opinion, as long as the oils you by are ‘essential oils’ and not ‘scented’ or ‘fragrance’ I find most brands are pretty good. My favourite oils are Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Bergamot. I also love Patchouli and Neroli. Hope this helps. Love to you, Emma x

  • Susan Ashmore says:

    Many thanks Enma! Yes I know the kind you mean! Xxx

  • Teresa says:

    Great advice! I think you brave your infections like a champ. There will come a time very soon when they will be a distant memory and your body will be strong enough to no longer succumb to full blown viruses. Hang in there!

    • Emma ~ Consciously Healthy says:

      Ah Thanks Teresa. Even I’ll admit, my champ side did come out during this infection (which i might add has pretty much healed now! yay for my immune system doing its thing) but there are many times when I am not a champ trust me!! Lots of love to you as always, Emma 🙂

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