Words on Letting Go….

February 22, 2016 2:04 pm




Let go,
Of holding on so tightly.
Of thinking the world will collapse around you if you don’t do everything perfectly.
It won’t.
Know that is safe to let go.
To just be.
To allow mistakes to come, as they naturally will.

Let go,
Of holding on to tension within the muscles of your own physical body.
Tightening up rigidly against your self,
For reasons unbeknown to even you.
Relax your shoulders.
Sink into yourself.
Knowing you are entirely safe, if you allow yourself to be.

Let go,
Of worrying what others think.
For it is their business, not yours.
Lead your life for you.
Your values.
Your truth.
That alone.

Let go,
Of judgements and misunderstandings.
For they are not worth your precious time of energy.
Instead open your heart.
To love.
Unconditional, nourishing love.
For that is what truly matters.

Let go
Of all that holds you back.
Lean into the present moment, trusting that all is okay,
Exactly as it is right now.
Tune into your heart, your higher self, the beauty that is all around you.
Relax softly into your own being.
Surrendering to all that is you, in this moment.


Words by Emma 





  • Clare says:

    Thank you lovely Emma
    I very much needed to read these words today. Hugs. X

  • Emma - Consciously Healthy says:

    I’m so glad my words found you Clare and helped a little. Thank you for your comment and kind words. Sending a huge hug back. We’re all in this together. Xxx

  • Teresa says:

    That was beautiful. 🙂

  • rose says:

    Have only just caught up with this post. It’s a beautifully worded reminder of the combination of ways I need to let go in order to be more at peace in myself and my body. I shall print it off and keep it in view. Thank you. x

  • Emma ~ Consciously Healthy says:

    Bless you Rose, really glad to hear you liked it and it resonated with you! Touched that you are going to print it out. Lots of love to you x

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