The Month the World Changed

March 27, 2020 6:13 pm

So much has happened since I last checked in here. Beyond what I am guessing most of us could ever comprehend. This time of the Covid-19 outbreak is affecting everyone worldwide, each of us in different ways. Please know that I’m sending my love to you, where ever you are right now, however you may find yourself feeling today.

It is an unsettling time, and if you are anything like me, you may well have found yourself feeling anxious and unsure during the last couple of weeks. Now is a vital time to tune into the resources we have at hand. Meditation especially is something that is really helping me personally right now, as well as nature and spending time in the garden each day. I am putting together a post that will share some of my core learnings around managing anxiety that I am hoping will help any of you finding this time triggering those kinds of feelings for you.

Many of us in the Chronic Illness community are used to spending huge amounts of time at home. Being faced with uncertainty. Isolation. Missing out. As well as having big spaces within our days where we have no choice but to face our inner feelings and thoughts, as there is no where to distract or run to. It doesn’t mean this time isn’t affecting us of course, but I am getting a sense that the shifts for society in general will be huge. Much of society has been caught in a cycle of rushing, doing, distracting, busying,with little space to reflect and connect back to their hearts. As a result, this period of isolation and space is going to be a real challenge to many people.

I have a feeling that this strange time will force people to slow down. To step off the hamster wheel of life that for many, has been going at such a fast pace for a very long time. This time may hopefully encourage people to go inwards. To reflect.  To ultimately be faced with the things they have been distracting from for perhaps many years. Eventually this will lead to more gratitude, healing and growth for the collective. In a similar way that being forced to step back from life as we know it already has done for many of us living with long term life changing illnesses such as ME/CFS. This means collectively, we are in for a time of real change, but this won’t come without pain and discomfort in the interim.

It reminds me of when I first became sick again ten years ago. I lost my life as I knew it. My career, my home, eventually my relationship, as well as my ability to care for myself. Life was terrifying and each day challenged me on the deepest level. However, it was also a huge wake up call. It forced me to face all I had been running from and ultimately, grew me in a way nothing else could. I am of course, thinking of everyone suffering at this time. But hoping that once this all has passed, people will have had inner shifts and experience a deeper sense of gratitude for the simple things in life.

Lets approach this time with Compassion. Compassion for ourselves, and also for those around us. People are afraid right now. Let us show them empathy, despite our own struggles. And lets show ourselves even more love than we usually do.

If we feel afraid, or unsettled, or unsure, lets hold ourselves in a gentle space and allow these feelings to move through us. Let’s take extra care of ourselves at this time. Making sure our ‘basics’ are in place. That we aren’t spending too much time on screens or excessively watching the news. That our healing practises are in place and prioritised. That we remind ourselves of the wisdom that lays within us, and also seek external support when we might need it.

The Resources Page on the blog has tons of books/speakers/podcasts etc that will nourish and uplift you if you are feeling like a little extra support right now. I’ll pop the link here.


Sending all of you a big virtual hug.

Emma x


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  • Susan Ashmore says:

    Dear Emma,
    Such a lovely, helpful, reassuring and mindful post. Thank you so very much,
    Not going to write much, but stay safe, stay calm and keep in touch.
    Love to you and your family. Susan (Ashmore).

    • Emma ~ consciously healthy blog says:

      Thank you for taking the time to reply Susan. Really does means a lot whenever someone takes the time to do so. Seeing your name pop up was especially lovely. Sending a hug… stay safe. Emma x

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