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July 5, 2016 3:01 pm

How often do you allow yourself to feel? Actually allow your emotions to be there. All of them. Feeling them and moving through them. Expressing them. Always? Never?

For so many of us, we push emotions down or away. We reject ones that feel ‘bad’ such as anxiety, anger or frustration. In many ways it’s instinctual for us to do so because these kinds of emotions don’t feel too good and as humans we naturally reach towards feelings that feel ‘good’.  But the trouble is, in rejecting certain emotions, they can get suppressed, pushed down and lead to a whole load of unpleasant physical and emotional issues as they get stuck inside the body.

One of the things I’ve learned over the last few years, is the importance of actually moving through emotion. This may sound simple. And obvious. But it’s something that so many of us don’t do. We feel sad – so we reach for a glass of wine or bar of chocolate. We feel anxious – so we tell ourselves we need to ‘stop being silly’ or that we aren’t good enough. We feel frustrated with our life situation – so we just get into a whole cycle of resentment and further frustration and a feeling of rigidity and stuckness.

By acknowledging emotion as it comes up and actually giving yourself space to feel it, without labelling it as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ but simply allowing, and realising that all emotion is simply a part of being human, you can begin to release and move through it.

Don’t forget, that emotion (e-motion) is actually energy in motion. Energy needs movement. To have a place to go and space be expressed in a healthy way.

Allow tears if they need to come. Allow anger to be expressed in a safe way if it is what you feel right now. Give yourself love and care and learn to self soothe if you feel anxious.

Give yourself space to feel.

In doing this, the not so nice feelings will move through you more easily and you won’t get that added layer of feeling resistance – which can keep so many things stuck.

Allow yourself to feel…freely and fully.


  Emma x


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